First Time Int’l Travel?

IMG_7422Here’s a helpful post about traveling internationally first time.  No matter how much you’ve traveled, the first time you leave the country can be intimidating (especially if it is beyond Mexico and Canada).  Some basic, careful planning and preparation will take a whole ton of stress out of the journey!  Here are a couple of things to get you started, and then read the post:

  • Make a couple of copies of your passport.  Give one to a trusted friend at home, and keep one in a secure location with you.  (You might also keep a copy in Evernote)
  • Be sure to read up on your destination — and wikipedia are great for this.
  • Plan for multiple ways to get money in country; don’t carry an excessive amount of cash.
  • Put an extra change of clothing and critical meds in your carry on.
  • Let me know if I can help… I’ve got some other ideas.  And, e-mail me your ideas and tips!

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