Friday’s Cup of Coffee – 30 March 2012

Good morning!  Hope you’ve had a good week.  Here are just a few thoughts for you as we enter the weekend:
But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. -Psalm 3:3 (ESV)
Part of ‘Go Deep’ this year is connected to the development of our prayer life.  We wanted to provide some specifics for you.  Click here for a PDF:
Here’s a reminder of the specifics of our Easter services.  We have SIX of them:
Something else that is vitally important to us, and that we’re working on as a local church:  We try to speak the good news with words and emotion so that people who aren’t religious can hear and say “yes.”
You’re invited to our Leadership Community meeting this next Tuesday evening.  Come and grow as a leader, pray, and participate in shaping God’s work at LifePoint for the future.  Aspiring leaders also welcome. RSVP here:
Here’s a great video and encouraging song, in case you missed it through my FB and TW feeds this week:
Think you don’t need the church? Check this out:
Are you prayerfully considering whom you might invite to LifePoint this Easter?  Many studies verify that people come to church when they’ve been invited by a friend.  Can you think of 10 people you might invite?
What did you think of the Devil’s Beatitudes?  I shared them during last Sunday’s message (I did not write them).  Here they are again, in case you’re interested:
The Mariners had the best record in baseball for one day this week.  🙂
I’ll be glad to see you Sunday — it really is a joy to serve as your pastor!
-Pstr E
Eric Spangler, lead pastor
LifePoint Church
Everett & Lake Stevens, WA

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