Serve Through VISA

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 7.48.07 AMLooking for some opportunities to serve God’s purposes around the world –perhaps a shorter assignment?  Or a short assignment that might lead to a longer possibility?  Here’s the place to begin.  VISA (Volunteers In Service Abroad) Ministries will help get you there, and at this website, you can explore existing opportunities and follow a path that will communicate your interest to people that can help.  Just log on at

The Insanity of God

insanityofgodI’ve been recommending this book to family, friends, and colleagues.  The author and his family spent several years in Somalia coordinating relief efforts, eventually leaving after suffering great loss and discouragement.  Seeking to understand how God works in and through difficultly, the second half of the book describes the worldwide search for answers through interviews and stories where faith triumphs in the midst of great opposition.  Here are a couple of the quotes I captured on my Kindle Paperwhite:

  • “I understand that one of the most accurate ways to detect and measure the activity of God is to note the amount of opposition that is present. The stronger the persecution, the more significant the spiritual vitality of the believers.”
  • “The turning point between that crippling fear and this new-found courageous freedom is the resurrection of Jesus.”
  • “What if the resurrection power available to Jesus’ followers in the New Testament is just as real for believers in our world today?”
  • “…before we can grasp the full meaning of the Resurrection, we first have to witness or experience crucifixion. If we spend our lives so afraid of suffering, so averse to sacrifice, that we avoid even the risk of persecution or crucifixion, then we might never discover the true wonder, joy and power of a resurrection faith. Ironically, avoiding suffering could be the very thing that prevents us from partnering deeply with the Risen Jesus.”

Seven Billion

ReflectingThe world’s population is a little over 7 Billion people (

One group (the Traveling Team) has calculated:

If you took 7 billion steps along the Earth’s equator — at 2 feet per step — you could walk around the world at least 106 times.
Seven billion ants would weigh at least 23 tons (46,297 pounds).
When you are between 31 and 32 years old, you will have lived for 1 billion seconds. To reach 7 billion seconds, you would have to live to be 220 years old!
The Earth measures 24,900 miles around the middle. To travel 7 billion miles, you would have to circle the globe nearly 300,000 times.